About Us

Corbin Junk Removal

Corbin Junk Removal is completely local. We provide a hassle free junk removal experience. We don't want you to lift a thing! Our easy to talk too junk removal team will make you feel comfortable and get rid of your unwanted items. Once the job is done, we offer a complimentary sweep and clean of the cleared area to make your space looking good.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Is there anything that you wont take?
A: Here at Corbin Junk Removal, we cannot take any chemicals.

Q: What happens with all the stuff you take?
A: Any items that are still salvageable, will be donated to better help the local community. Metals, plastics, are recycled. Junk it will be taken to the dump.

Q: When should I schedule a pick up?
A: We strive to provide our services at your earliest convenience. But we do recommend you call ahead a week in advance to ensure availability.

Q: How do I contact someone to get an estimate?
A: You can contact us via phone, or email! Our contact information is below!
Phone: 806-252-5138
Email: Corbin Junk Removal (click to email)

Q: What is the latest you stay?
A: If you have more than a days worth of work, we will cease working at 9pm, and start the next day at 8am, or at which ever time is convenient for you.